Time: A Cycle of Poems by Abhi

by Nakul Vāc
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Dust of Time

Ubiquitous dust
receiving erasing
life’s footprints
never-ending yesterdays’ dust.
Even distant snow mountain
that turns to scorching stone
on approach
gives way to
molten carcass
of blood-red dust
once crossed.
I scooped up dirt
and flung;
It fell into my eyes
days reeking of minutes.

Time and Time Again

Who said
those days are gone
concealed beneath skin
clinging thorn
and petals
they retread
single-file path
as new.

Prison of Time

Relentless watch of 
Nightless eon
displaced deep space
Time too
does time.

Twigs of Time

I roamed all around
the forest;
I found
old twigs.
As I laid them
on fire
one by one
bursting into speech
they spoke.
A prescient tone
echoed in 
their voices.
As I doused
let the black scars simmer down
and quenched
shoots quivered
into shivering leaves
whose midribs
slithered into past
lost to sight.


கொங்குதேர் வாழ்க்கை, தொகுதி -II, அபி,  பக். 78-79, யுனைடெட் ரைட்டர்ஸ், 2004